Dantex Armour-Joint

Asphaltic Plug Joint System for Bridges

Armour-Joint is flexible bridge jointing comprising a polymer modified bituminous bridge joint binder mixed with graded aggregates to form an asphaltic plug joint (APJ) in concrete and asphalt carriageways.

  • HA approved system
  • Load-bearing high traffic capacity
  • Standard width 500mm (max 750mm)
  • Optimal depth 100mm (min 40mm)
  • Flexible and waterproof
  • Accommodates multi-directional movements
  • Quick and easy application
  • Low surface noise
  • Excellent ride quality
  • For use across depth of deck

Armour-Joint Systems can accommodate a thermal movement range of ± 20mm in a standard APJ of 500mm width x100mm depth. In service, they exhibit excellent adhesive and compressive properties for improved resistance to wheel track deformation over a wide range of service temperatures. The system is normally applied when the ambient air temperature is above 5°C however the material is designed for application at temperatures of 0°C and rising providing the surface is dry and free of frost and salt deposits.

The Armour-Joint system is an HA approved,flexible, waterproof, hot applied, in-situ constructed expansion joint system. It is capable of accommodating movements up to ±25mm and it can be used across the full depth of the bridge deck.

The Armour-Joint system forms an integral part of the wearing course of the bridge deck thereby ensuring good ride quality. If required, a high friction finish can be applied.

The Armour-Joint system is a combination of polymer modified binder and selected aggregates. The binder is a compound blend of bitumens, polymers, fillers and stabilisers, that is specifically formulated to give good fluidity, low and high temperature stability and slump control. The system offers optimum combination of flexibility and load bearing

Armour-Joint is designed to extend the full depth of the road down to the structural concrete deck and will develop a tenacious bond to concrete as well as the adjacent asphalt arises.

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