Concrete Repairs

Concrete repairs are essential to most of our maintenance projects. Metrail is an experienced specialist for concrete repair and refurbishment services for infrastructures. From highways, bridges to rail roads – Metrail has the knowledge and skills to get your infrastructure back up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Every step counts

We're eco-conscious and value sustainable practices. That's why we offer CO2 balancing to help reduce your environmental footprint without compromising the integrity of your infrastructure.

Metrail carried out concrete repairs in these projects:

  • In June 2021, Eurotunnel awarded Metrail a framework contract to undertake the replacement of mechanical expansion joints at the UK terminal. This ongoing project entails the removal of old [...]

  • In March 2023 Metrail Construction completed a trial to stabilise a heavily trafficked section of asphalt pavement carriageway on the A1014 in Thurrock in East London. Challenge Solution [...]

  • Metrail employed a resin-stabilisation technology from Germany to provide innovative, cost-effective and time-efficient solutions for renovating the concrete pavement of the M180.

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