Specialist in Bridge Protection & Maintenance

An experienced, highly qualified team of professionals that will always deliver

the most cost-effective solution.

An experienced, highly qualified and will deliver the most cost-effective solution.

What we do

Metrail Construction Ltd are professional infrastructure repair and maintenance specialists offering the full service in bridge deck maintenance and structure expansion joints.

​We are nationwide and have been in the industry for over 12 years working on some of the country’s most high profile projects such as HS1 and the new Queensferry Bridge.

All our teams are experienced, highly qualified and will deliver the most cost-effective solution.

Our Services


GCP Eliminator System

We are an approved and highly experienced contractor of the GCP ELIMINATOR® waterproofing system – formerly Stirling Lloyd. This is a cold, spray-applied solution that can outlast the life of the structure — reducing future maintenance and associated costs and traffic disruptions. The ELIMINATOR® system was developed for the protection of concrete and steel bridge decks and has an unparalleled track record with thousands of structures waterproofed successfully throughout the world.


HYTEC System

We can offer the HYTEC system – another highly advanced product from GCP. This is a loose laid, flexible polypropylene sheet waterproofing membrane that has exceptional physical performance properties. It was developed specifically for fast track limited possessions for rail operators when deck and climate conditions are uncertain, and for masonry arch bridges where no continuous deck exists.  HYTEC is fast to apply, offers high tear and puncture resistance for long lasting protection and weather tolerance to allow year round application.


Integritank System

We have over 10 years experience in implementing the INTEGRITANK waterproofing system, protecting critical infrastructure. It a fully reactive elastomeric system based on ESSELAC, a unique advanced resin technology. The INTEGRITANK system was developed to provide a tough, durable and fully bonded protective waterproofing membrane that is resistant to backfill, hydrostatic pressure and long-term immersion in water. This approach can be used on many major construction projects including roofing, basement roofs and podium decks.


Expansion Joints

Metrail can supply and install multiple types of bridge expansion joints (or movement joints). They are all designed to enable continuous traffic between two structures and control structural movements that arise from creep and shrinkage effects, temperature variations or deformations under live load - the effectiveness of bridge expansion joints has a direct impact on the life expectancy of a bridge. With our high standards of delivery in this area, Metrail can help to prevent the ingress of water and road de-icing salts into bridge structures that can weaken the infrastructure.

Safetrack SC

Safetrack SC

SAFETRACK SC is a liquid applied, fast curing, UV stable, slip-resistant road colour coating based on advanced resin technology. Metrail use this approach to provide a highly visible, skid resistant demarcation coating. We use it for projects such as the London Underground, bus lanes, cycle lanes, and traffic calming.

Safetrack HW

Safetrack HW

This is a liquid applied system designed for localised areas requiring anti-skid.  It is based on the GCP resin developments and is suitable for the rapid, reinstatement of damaged or compromised road surfaces or for the reinstatement of anti-skid surfacing following maintenance work. SAFETRACK®  HW is a Type 1 certified BBA/HAPAS High Friction Surfacing System that also conforms to Clause 924 of the UK Specification for Highway Works (March 1998) for Resin Based High Skid Resistant Surface Treatments.

Latest News

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CASE STUDY: M180 Concrete Road Refurbishment (J1-J3)

CASE STUDY: M180 Concrete Road Refurbishment (J1-J3)

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CASE STUDY : M621 Joint Replacement Project (J5-J7)

CASE STUDY : M621 Joint Replacement Project (J5-J7)

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Metrail are very pleased to announce that they have been awarded the maximum 4 Lots for specialist works Band C Waterproofing & Expansion Joints within the National Highways (formerly Highways England) Scheme Delivery Framework (SDF).

Metrail announced as one of 50 firms winning places on £3.6bn National Highways renewals framework

Metrail are very pleased to announce that they have been awarded the maximum 4 Lots for specialist works Band C...