Supporting sustainability in construction – Metrail’s Carbon Offset Report for the Lofthouse Interchange project

As part of Metrail’s dedication to sustainable and environmentally friendly construction, we, alongside IKO Group, have been working with CO2Balance UK to offset our carbon footprint for the Lofthouse Interchange project.

Since 2008, IKO Group have been running their carbon offsetting programme, offsetting the carbon dioxide emissions from their Mastic Asphalt to make the product CarbonZero.

Working with CO2balance they have calculated the carbon emissions from the Mastic Asphalt and then offset this carbon footprint through a selection of carbon offset projects, most notably CO2balance’s Kenyan Energy Efficient Stove Project and Uganda Borehole Rehabilitation Project.

This report covers the carbon offset linked to our M62 Junction 29 Lofthouse Interchange Project and outlines the positive impacts on the local communities in Kenya and Uganda that have occurred thanks to the offset program.