M62 JCT29 Lofthouse Interchange Case Study

Lofthouse is a major interchange that joins the M1 and M62 motorways. The project utilised an eight-week closure to carry out essential repairs, allowing access to the roundabout’s four bridges to replace waterproofing and the interchange’s 20 bridge joints.

Metrails specialist works included:

  • Removal of EMR Rails & joint plates
  • Deck Scrape
  • Fine milling and enclosed blasting
  • Metaset concrete repairs (R2)
  • Concrete repairs (R4)
  • Permatrack Type 2 joint installation
  • EMR Type 6 joint installation
  • Application of Eliminator waterproofing
  • Adhesion & holiday testing

ECI: The works were originally programmed for 12 weeks and our ECI focused on how the programme could be shortened to reduce the impact on road users. Metrail’s scope of works were a significant part of the programme and central to the successful delivery of the scheme.

Originally based on 300m2 of waterproofing per shift we agreed to reduce the number of shifts required by increasing the gang size to achieve 500m2 per shift and to deliver the works using both day and night shifts. A revised programme duration of 8 weeks was then agreed by all parties.

Overcoming complex challenges: The programme was complex, and the co-ordination of the works was made even more challenging by restrictions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Two daily “Teams” meetings were instigated, at 8.30 and at 16.00, to effectively hand over between day and night shifts and to monitor the programme and resolve any issues arising.

There were also significant additional challenges to overcome at each stage:

  • Levelling concrete and shot blasting steel to prepare the deck ends.
  • Removal of gullies
  • Testing for lead content of paintwork, results obtained within 3 days.
  • Additional Hydrodemolition requiring additional concreting & curing windows.

Waterproofing: The additional works compressed the programme significantly and removed any contingencies that had been built into the programme and excessively hot weather meant that it was not possible to carry out any works during the day. We used fast setting R2 & R4 materials to reduce curing times and allow waterproofing to be applied within 6 hours and increased gang numbers again and completed up to 1700m2 of waterproofing per shift, over a series of night shifts.

Joint repair works: We instigated a series of innovative techniques to increase productivity without compromising quality. Using a joint planer rather than hand breakers significantly reduced the time taken and lowers the HAVS risk for the operatives. We also used Permatrack High Modulus Type 2 joints which was supplied direct from the factory with the additional benefit of greater quality control from a factory produced mix.

Outcomes of the scheme: This was a complex project and Metrail’s element of the works were highly specialist. Significant challenges were overcome at each stage of the project and our productivity was significantly increased using innovative techniques to avoid delays to the overall programme and avoid additional disruption to the public.

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