HS1 call-off and emergency response

High Speed Rail 1 or HS1 as it is known is currently the UK’s only highspeed rail line linking the Channel Tunnel to St Pancras station in central London. The project was completed in 2007.

The railway infrastructure is the management responsibility of Network Rail who are responsible for maintaining not only the railway systems ie track, power supply etc but also for the civil infrastructure ie tunnels, embankments etc.

The ingress of water in tunnels always an issue which means that any problems on HS1 needs to be addressed by a company with specialist knowledge and expertise.

Metrail Construction has entered into a contract with Network Rail (High Speed) Ltd to provide call-off and emergency response to tackle any problems with water leaking into the tunnels.

Access to such a busy operating railway is always a challenge and the work is mostly carried at night during 2-3 hour track “possessions”. NR (High Speed) Ltd provide Metrail with an engineering train onto which plant, equipment and materials are loaded for the shift.